Here at Cotton Tree Dental, we provide our patients with custom-made crowns to help restore the function and appearance of your smile.


Dental crowns are aimed to protect an existing tooth that has been damaged by either decay or trauma. They are also used in cases where the tooth has either had root canal treatment or has been heavily restored to protect and extend the life of the tooth.

Dental bridges are similar to crowns, however are used to replace single or multiple missing teeth. A permanent bridge has two crowns placed over healthy teeth either side of where the gap is. False teeth are attached to the crowns, forming the bridge and covering the toothless space in the mouth. 

Crowns and bridges are made of either porcelain or gold alloy. The porcelain crowns can be matched to your natural tooth colour and are also naturally stain resistant. Gold crowns are generally stronger than porcelain and are best used for molars where a high bite force is needed.